How HR-II Hair Rejuvenation treatment works
  1. Accelerate blood circulation to improve regeneration ability of collagen fibers and promote metabolism

650nm laser and 625nm PDT can enhance the activity of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) of subcutaneous tissue, and ATP is the main energy transmission medium between cells which help to encourage the metabolism of the tissue. So 650nm laser and 625nm PDT help to enhance blood flow and make oxygen and nutrient send to the hair follicles, and 808nm laser will help solution penetration, as a result, it achieves the efficacy of halting the progression of hair loss.

  1. Modulate the hair follicles

HR-II patented narrow wavelength light and EMS can effectively stimulate hair follicles, and turn 80% of the hair follicles which is in the state of hibernation to active status, and attain the effect of the cessation of hair loss and restoring hair growth.

  1. Regulate oil secretions

Excessive oil secretion also is a reason for causing hair loss, Abnormality of sebaceous glands leads to excessive oil secretion, while  Cave (DHT) in the oil released by sebaceous glands will trigger more hair follicles dwindling or even shrinking, then, hair loss is caused. HR-II Laser Hair Loss Treatment can dredge the sebaceous glands duct to decrease and control oil secretion so as to improve hair condition.

  1. Promote scalp health, improve hair quality

HR-II composite hair mask irradiates hair follicles to accelerate hair growth, and strengthen the hair elasticity and increase hair density making the hair pitch-black shine.

  1. Promote nutrient absorption

HR-II is a patented cold light source, which won’t hurt hair, it is neither chemical nor drugs but its penetrability is better than them. It overcomes the weakness of various chemicals hair fluid which is unable to fully infiltrate into hair root.

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